Sunday, April 22, 2012

Busy Busy

I was totally hoping I could keep up on the blog!! My life is just so BUSY! Here is an update from our busy life...

Boston... He turned 1 in March... Can't believe it. He is now walking, getting into everything and has developed in to quite the little man. We are completely in love with him. The girls adore him. He loves blocks, trucks and balls.

Addyson- Our little character! She is so full of life and energy. She warms up to anyone within minutes, shes amazing. Addy is attending preschool and loves it. She knows her ABC's, can count to 15 and knows most of her colors (she likes to switch them up every now and then) She loves her grandmas, Auntie Mimi and mommy. She loves to shop, bake and do crafts.

Berkleigh- Little princess. Is doing great in preschool. She loves it as well. She can count to 101! She knows all colors/shapes/ letter and sounds. This week shes been learning addition and doing great at it. Its amazing what kids can learn in just a year. We've been very impressed with the girls school and how well they've done. We aren't sure our school plans for next year quite yet. Berkleigh is not old enough for kindergarden... missed the deadline by 26 days.. BOO. We feel she's more than ready for kindergarden.

Kevin is keeping busy with kids/work/school.. Now that the weather is nice he is keeping up on his golfing.

and finally me! I've been keeping busy with work, when I'm not there I'm enjoying every minute possible with my lil kiddos... I've been thinking a lot about of future and have decided to enroll back in school and continue to work towards my nursing degree. I'm very excited for the future and opportunities to come! I'm planning on starting to take classes again this summer and hope to be done in about 2.5 years. It's going to be a challenging time with kids, life and working full time and adding school in the mix, but I feel like taking the challenge!

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