Friday, December 23, 2011


Sorry I've been a bit of a slacker lately. Time has just flying by and I've been so busy with work, kids and life! So the last month here is what we've been up to!
Dec 1st was a big day for Addyson! She started preschool at Challenger and LOVES it! She is a bit more attached to me and I thought she would have a hard time being left.... boy was I wrong! She could of cared less, which was great, made it easy for me! Her teacher seems great, she has only about 7 kids in her class which is good for her. We are now on Christmas break and everyday she says is it time for me to go to school yet!?
Boston is 9 months and is on the move! He has mastered crawling and is getting into everything! He is also starting to pull himself up on the couch! His 2nd tooth has finally broke thru. I was afraid he was only going to have one tooth for a while! His first lower tooth erupted about 1 month ago and is in pretty well.. Hope this new one hurries! He loves to eat his puffs, yogurt melts and cheeto puffs.... He had his 9 mo check up last week and is 30" long (97%) weighs 18lbs (25%) and big head (96%) He is our growing boy!
and finally Berkleigh she is still doing great at school. She still loves it. A few weeks ago she earned her Alphabet crown.(earned by saying all letters and their sounds) She is VERY proud of her crown and we are very proud of her! Her teacher said she is one of the top in the class, which is great! She is also on Christmas break from school and ready to go back!

Christmas came a little early to us this year.... I decided to be on top of it and wrap a few presents early and put under tree... Well one morning the girls got up and thought it was Christmas and OPENED them! I was at work.. and kevin was ummm "resting". So we all learned a lesson from that. I DON'T put presents out too early and girls Don't open presents til Mommy or Daddy says it Christmas! At least it was only a few of the smaller gifts I had bought. They are wrapped back up and under the tree!

I think we are all ready for Christmas. Today I will finish wrapping and see what I've missed. Mr Claus has a big wooden kitchen to put together or it will be a very late Christmas eve! We are excited for all of festivities this weekend! It will be nice to spend time with all our families! We have had a very blessed year!

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