Saturday, November 19, 2011

Keeping up with the Crumleys...

I started this blog a few years ago... and we can see how that went! So I'm back at it! I want to be able to look back and remember all the events/timing with the kids and us as a family... Life seems to go so fast and this will be a great way to be able to look back and see all our great memories. Here is the latest with all of us:
Melissa- I'm one busy mama, but I absolutely enjoy every minute of it! I am working full-time at Lineberry Orthodontics, I work in the front office. I've worked there 3 years in January and enjoy it..(most of the time ;) When I'm not working away... I'm keeping busy with the kids.

Berkleigh is now 4 years old.. Everytime you ask her how old she is she says i'll be five on my next birthday then 6 then 7....etc.. She just turned 4 in September, but is ready for the next birthday already! She is our little sponge, she started pre-school in August and she LOVES it! She is going to Challenger, its a private school and is pretty close to the house. She goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30am-11:30am. Berkleigh has learned so much so far just in the short time, I went to school on her birthday and the teacher said that she had started reading words that day. Lately she has been spelling words too, yesterday she spelled Zoo and Please. She has also developed quite the vocabulary... We were trying home the other night and I told the girls we would get home put on our PJs then I would let them pick a book and I would read to them... Berkleigh says mom... "Use your imagination tell us a story!" haha! I just laughed.. She has made some friends too, Bella, is her "best friend" her other friends are Reese, Olivia and Isabella. We are very impressed with the school thus far. When Berkleigh is not at preschool she loves to play with her sister and brother.

Addyson is now 3... She is a mamas girl, she is finally okay in just the last few months of me leaving for work. Makes it nice to be able to leave and tell her I will be home later and for her to understand... It would break my heart to leave her crying! Addyson loves everything girl, she loves dress up, princesses, babies, purses and playdoh. She will be starting pre-school on Dec 1st and will also be attending Challenger on Tuesdays/Thursday. Kevin will get a few hour break to spend some quality time with Boston! I'm excited for Addyson to finally start pre-school, she was suppose to start the end of October, but they pushed it til December. I think it will be good for her to be able to do some independent things.
And then there is our little boy Boston...

Boston is now 8 months old! Man where did the time go? Seems like yesterday we were counting down until he was here. Boston is starting to be on the move! The last few weeks he has mastered the army crawl, he will be crawling in no time! (Uh Oh) Three on the go!!? Its been pretty easy with the girls but adding another mover to the mix, I'm a little worried. Boston loves his sisters, he also loves the animals. He is Mr. Smiley! He is also so happy and just smiley! Lately his "stranger danger" has kicked in a bit...but not too bad! He is gaining some wait, he is still on the smaller side of life last Dr. visit he weighed 17 lbs (12%) He has been eating a TON lately, so his 9 month check up will be interesting to see how much he gains. I bought some baby food at Babies R Us a few weeks ago, it was on sale I had never tried it with the girls its Organic Earths Best. They had some real interesting flavors ( spinach & potatoes, Peas & Brown Rice, Tomato Carrot) but he LOVES them. He ate two jars just during the day when Kevin had him! He has also gotten his first tooth! It appeared last Saturday (11/12) Lower left tooth, the 2nd lower one hasn't appeared just yet! His hair is also coming in pretty good, I cut it a few months back and since then its really come in! I'm sure we'll be visiting our favorite sister in law hair cutter soon!

And last but not least Kevin: He is still working at UPS as a supervisor. He took this semester off of school, but will be attending again in January. When he is not having daddy day care he enjoys his time playing football on the weekends with his work friends, going/watching BSU games and of course spending time with his lovely family!

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